Studio album recorded in 1995 after the successful tour of Poland. This Polish-American collaboration featured two members of the Western Jazz Quartet (Trent Kynaston – saxophone, Tom Knific – bass), Polish drummer Cezary Konrad and the jazz great Randy Brecker – trumpet. The album was reviewed by Down Beat and received four stars. “(…) The players’ considerable facility and complicated turns of thought are so readily translated into high-quality modern jazz”. (John Hadley, Down Beat, 1997)

  • Włodek Pawlik - piano
  • Randy Brecker - trumpet
  • Trent Kynaston - tenor saxophone
  • Tom Knific - double bass
  • Cezary Konrad - drums
  • 1995, Polonia Records
Bricolage (T. Kynaston)
Turtles (W. Pawlik)
Not Samba (W. Pawlik)
Moontide (R. Brecker)
There's a Mingus a Monk Us (R. Brecker)
....sailing with You, Randy (W. Pawlik)
You Gotta Believe (T. Kynaston)