The most recent album of Włodek Pawlik Trio, released in 2015. Its concert premiere took place at the concert hall of the National Philharmonic in Warsaw. On the album Pawlik pays homage to his fascination with America in the title piece composed during his first trip to the USA in 1988, yet he doesn’t forget about his Polish identity, hence the inclusion of jazzy renditions of the works by F. Chopin and I.J. Paderewski.

  • Włodek Pawlik - piano
  • Paweł Pańta - double bass
  • Cezary Konrad - drums
  • 2015, Pawlik Relations
America (W. Pawlik)
The Office (W. Pawlik)
Speed Limited (W. Pawlik)
Mazurka in F minor (F. Chopin)
Prego...Grazie (W. Pawlik)
Nokturn in B flat major (I. J. Paderewski)
Cross-eyed Tango (W. Pawlik)
Blue Monk (W. Pawlik)
The Queen of Cold (W. Pawlik)
Funky Punky (W. Pawlik)
Crows (W. Pawlik)