Lutosławski - Inspirations

"This is a live recording, made during Pawlik’s concert at the S1 Polish Radio Studio in Warsaw that took place in 2007 as part of the “Łańcuch IV” Witold Lutosławski Festival in Warsaw. The pianist exploits a selection of short compositions for piano, including “Folk Melodies” and “Bukoliki” as a source of inspiration for unique, daring improvisations. The ephemerally-evoked melodies possess the subtle folk character. However, Pawlik transforms them into contemporary piano works. His playing stimulates the listener’s imagination, at times purely providing entertainment, but it is also capable of sending one into a state of a mystical elation." (Marek Dusza, "Rzeczpospolita")


  • Włodek Pawlik - solo
  • 2014, Pawlik Relations (available in Golden Collection)
Ach mój Jasieńku
Hej, od Krakowa jadę
Jest drożyna, jest
W polu lipeńka
Bukoliki II
Bukoliki III
Bukoliki IV