4 Works 4 Orchestra

This 2CD crossover album contains orchestral works by Włodek Pawlik, such as “Puls 11/8” for flute and orchestra, “We Are From Here” for two pianos and orchestra, “Cellomania” for cello and orchestra and 2nd piano concerto. Włodek Pawlik combines the seemingly distant worlds of classical music and jazz into his own, unique whole. 


  • Włodek Pawlik - piano
  • Łukasz Pawlik - cello, piano
  • Natalia Jarząbek - flute
  • Paweł Pańta - double bass, bass guitar
  • Cezary Konrad - drums
  • "Concertino" Chamber Orchestra
  • Michael Maciaszczyk - conductor
  • 2016, Pawlik Relations


Pulse 11/8 na flet, trio jazzowe i orkiestrę
We Are From Here na dwa fortepiany, trio jazzowe i orkiestrę
Cellomania na wiolonczelę, trio jazzowe i orkiestrę symfoniczną
II koncert fortepianowy, cz.1
II koncert fortepianowy, cz. 2
II koncert fortepianowy, cz. 3