Night In Calisia

The first Polish jazz album that won the Grammy Award (Best Large Jazz Ensemble category) in 2014. The music for the album was written by Włodek Pawlik on a commission from the municipality of Kalisz for the occasion of 1850th anniversary of the city that was celebrated in 2010. The album had its premiere in 2012 in Poland and it was re-released in the USA by Summit Records (2013), which paved the way to Grammy.

  • Włodek Pawlik Trio (Włodek Pawlik - piano, compositions, Paweł Pańta - double bass, bass guitar, Cezary Konrad - drums)
  • Randy Brecker - trumpet
  • Symphony Orchestra of Kalisz Philharmonic
  • Adam Klocek - conductor
  • 2012, Pawlik Relaitons
  • 2013, Summit Records
1. Night In Calisia
2. Amber Road
3. Orienthology
4. Follow The Stars
5. Quarrel of the Roman Merchants
6. Forgotten Song